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Hippies and the Armored Truck

(an expansion for Banditos.)



The Armored Truck


You now have Inside Information cards for the Armored Truck. Shuffle them into the Banditos action card deck. (There are a few other red-backed cards to get shuffled in as well.)


Once a player puts Inside Information for the Armored Truck into play, the black Armored Truck can now be used. The player with the Armored Truck Inside Information turns over the first card in the city deck (orange backs.) Place the Armored Truck in the city listed on that card. Turn over a second card from the city deck. This is the destination for the Truck.


At the beginning of the turn of the player with the Armored Truck Inside Information, (there may be more than one, in which case it will move more than once per round,) the Truck moves 6 spaces towards its destination using the most direct route. The Armored Truck must stay in Mexico.


To pull a heist on the Armored Truck, you must have the Inside Information for it. You must lay in wait on a highway space and intercept the Truck’s movement.

If player A was the same player who moved and intercepted the Truck, they may stop the Truck and pull a heist as normal. Players may not steal gas before this heist.

If player B moved the Truck but player A intercepted it, player A does not move the Truck at the beginning of their turn, they must immediately attempt a heist.

If a player stops the movement of the Armored Truck, they must attempt a heist. If they do not have the prerequisites for a heist, they may not stop the Armored Truck.

Once a heist has been attempted on an Armored Truck, the Truck is removed from the board.

If another player has Inside Information for the Armored Truck in play, the next player in turn with such Information may draw a new starting placement and a new destination from the city deck on their turn.

If no other player has Inside Information for the Armored Truck in play, the Truck waits on the side of the board until required.




Maria may look at the other players’ starting cities and her starting hand of seven cards before deciding on her starting city.