You have just finished your evil doctorate. Now it’s time for you to return to a castle on the outskirts of the town where you grew up - to begin your tyranny in the name of revenge. Every bully that gave you a wedgie in school and every cutie who laughed at your advances will feel the wrath of the monster you are about to create…

Object of the Game

The game of Good Help is won by creating the best monster you can and unleashing it on the town.
But don’t take too long, or another evil doctor will finish their monster before you and steal your thunder. The first player whose monster destroys 5 buildings wins.
- As you must appear to be an upstanding member of society (you’re a doctor after all…), you need to hire some assistants. You will give them tasks to complete so that you won’t be suspected of doing anything strange like, say, collecting body parts.
- There are several body parts around town. You will have to send your assistants to collect limbs, a torso and a brain for your monster. In addition, they will have to buy supplies for you. Unfortunately, your hired help won’t always be reliable…
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