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(an expansion for “Good Help.”)

Evil Doctors should be shuffled into the deck of assistants before all are auctioned. Each player must now buy 1 male assistant, 1 female assistant and 1 evil doctor. All of the same bidding rules apply. In a 3/4/5/6 player game, players start with 20/25/30/35 gold.

 "Peasants with a Pitchfork," "Serf with a Scythe," "Toiler with a Torch" and "Worker with a Wedge" are all townspeople. Townspeople may be played in front of any player on any turn using regular action card rules. All of the townspeople together constitute the mob once activated. The mob is activated once a monster has destroyed one building.

Upon mob activation, the player that has the most townspeople controls the mob. If two or more players are tied for having the most townspeople, they may each move the mob on their turn. Control of the mob may change in the middle of your turn. If you lose control of the mob during your turn, you may not move it or attack with it. Be aware!

The mob starts at the Cathedral. The mob moves at a rate of 1 die roll. This happens on the turn of the player controlling the mob. If the mob intercepts a monster, a fight ensues. The mob's strength is the number of townspeople in the mob. The mob gets their strength plus one die roll. The monster gets their strength plus one die roll if their brain is not-so-fresh or their strength plus two die rolls if their brain is fresh. (Only against the mob.) Monsters win ties.

If the mob wins, the monster is killed and the mob stays where it is. If the mob is beaten, it goes back to the Cathedral. Regardless of who wins the fight, the controller loses as many townspeople as the strength of the monster's brain. If all of the monsters have been killed and no more can be assembled, the controller of the mob is the winner.

(an expansion for “Good Help.”)

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